Light Hardwood Flooring

The most popular and commonly used hardwood is oak, this high demand also helps to bring the price down as compared to some other species. Its best feature being its natural colour and grain which improves the look of and style or age property so it is extremely versatile. Light wood flooring such as oak, finished with a clear is also very easy to maintain, repair and refinish @(when the time comes) scratches and stains can simply be sanded out by hand and touched up with a brush using clear Osmo oil. Something we can do for you or you can do yourself.

Other light hardwood species are available, such as maple and ash.

Softwood Option

The softwood options would be solid new or reclaimed (Victorian) pine flooring, which looks amazing in a farm-house/country style property and modern properties if using reclaimed wood.

Wood Flooring Services

  • Oak
  • Random Welsh Ash
  • Maple
  • Reclaimed Pine
  • Bamboo

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